Polyethylene Pipe

Polyethylene is a material that has been proven to be hygienic in developed countries and is widely used in various hygiene products (pipes for water, food and beverage packaging, and various containers) around the world, and it has the best conditions as a material for drinking water because it maintains a clean taste because there is no substance eluted from the pipes.

  • Our quality system complies with ISO-9001, 14001.
  • The pipes are manufactured in accordance with national standards (KS M 3408-2, M 3514, M3400, KSM3407) and foreign standards (EN 1555-2, EN 12201-2, ISO 4427-2, ISO 4437-2, AWWA C 901, AWWA C 903).


  • The flexibility of the material itself is excellent, so it is easy to construct pipes without being restricted by the conditions of the terrain, and it is relatively safe from earthquakes or ground subsidence, and it is also highly resilient, so it can be restored even after deformation.
Convenient Constructability
  • With a variety of fittings for PEC pipes, even unskilled workers can easily weld by using simple welding equipment.
Excellent corrosion resistance
  • PEC PIPE does not corrode or electrodegrade, so there is no rust or capstone, so there is no change in flow rate, and the service life is semi-permanent.
  • PEC water pipes are only 1/7 of the capacity of steel, so they are easy to handle and can be installed quickly.
Frost resistance
  • Polyethylene has good elasticity between molecules, so it maintains its inherent durability even when the temperature changes of minus 40� Celsius. (It refers to the physical properties of the pipe itself in a state that does not contain a fluid such as water in the tube.)
  • PEC water pipes have smooth inner walls, so there is little resistance to fluid flow, and there is no corrosion phenomenon such as scale inside, so there is no blockage.
  • PEC water pipes have excellent resistance to external shocks due to the nature of the material. Even in the event of an earthquake or ground subsidence after burial, leakage of pipes and joints does not occur.