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Polyethylene pipe line Total solution provider

We supply total solution service from mold design to pipe, fitting, welding machine. We are prepared to give our best products and service solution.

Mold Design

Mold Manufacturing

Characteristics of PE PIPE

Joint characteristics

PE water pipes are easy to be arranged quickly and perfectly by using various fusion method according to field condition.

Corrosion Resistance

PE water pipes do not cause erosion or corrosion.


By superior flexibility and resilience, it has less constraint by land conditions, easy to construct, relatively safe in internal or external factors, and restorable by itself.

Easy installation

A variety of fittings for PE PIPE can be easy to weld even unskilled workers by using simple welding equipment.

Stability and Hygiene

As the PE material is widely used globally because of its proven stability and hygiene. Especially, PE water pipe has the optimum condition for drinking water.

Light weight

PE pipe that is lighter than iron pipe is easy to carry and quickly to construction.

Chemical resistance

Polyethylene is not corrosive to additives, alkalis, salts, etc. and does not multiply seaweed or bacteria, so it is safe from various corrosive substance.

Cold-weather resistance

Since the Polyethylene has excellent elasticity between molecules, it can maintain inherent durability even with a temperature change of 40

Flow characteristics

The smooth inner surface of PE water pipes allows more amounts of fluid transportation than other material’s pipes with the same diameter.

Abrasion Resistance

PE water pipe is also suitable for transfer piping in slurry and dredging pipeline in the mine by the superior abrasion resistance of PE.

Impact Resistance

PE water pipes has superior resistance from external shocks in order to prevent water leak by damage on a pipe from an earthquake or land subsidence.

Our Company History

Based on products development and supply utilizing 100% of its own technology,COSMOIND CO., Ltd. and COSMOIND USA, Inc. provide onestop service. Our extensive range of PE fittings and ball valves have been exporting and using to all of the world.

1987~ 1987 . 5 COSMOIND CO., Ltd. establishment
1999 1994 . 8 Screw and fusion type mold design and manufacturing.
1996 . 6 ISO 9002 certification
2003~ 2003 . 1 Production of polyethylene coupling pipe for gas.
2010 2003 .10 Development and production of E/F coupling pipe mold for gas.
2006 . 3 Development of e-sewage collection unit, rainwater collection unit, small-sized manholesmall and fusion socket.
2006 . 9 Certification for environment new technology in environment part (No. 182).
2011~ 2011 . 6 Shifted of factory (Jeonui-Myen).
2019 2013 . 1 Changed a company name(COSMOIND CO., Ltd).
2013 . 2 Attached laboratory establishment
2014 . 4 Acquired ISO 14001
2015 . 4 Acquired CE (ball valve)
2017 . 9 Acquired NSF (PE ball valve, B/F, E/F fitting)
2017 .12 Acquisition of G-PASS certification.
2020~ 2023 . 1 COSMOIND USA, Inc. establishment

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1941 Haw River Hopedale Rd.
Burlington, NC 27217 USA
Tel. +1-336-270-4333
Fax. +1-336-270-4495

Korea Office and factory

12, Eumdammal-gil,
Jeonui-Myen, Sejong-Si, Korea
Tel. +82-44-863-2337
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COSMOINDUSA PE PIPE Total Solution Provider
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